“Let me be the first to say that you have helped my children come to love music, love singing, love instruments. What is really important to me is that you accepted my special needs child into your program without a second thought, with your help you nurtured his love of music and dancing as well. I will always be grateful to you for what you have taught my four children.

Willliam, Sam, Ellen, and Charlie's Mommy”

“My daughter Ava is very slow to warm up to new experiences and people. However, after just one session with Ms. Sharon, I can see a change in her. She still isn't a social butterfly, but she talks about Ms. Sharon and which instruments and songs she likes best. Most importantly she is exposed to new experiences with music which she brings home with her. She sings along with her favorite songs, explores different instruments and likes to play "music class" with her dolls. As a mom and former teacher, I love that it's not just a cutely packaged program, but one in which all the experiences have a reason behind them.”

--Ava's Mommy

“Both of my daughters started Musical Milestones classes when they were toddlers. They are in high school now and their love of music has continued throughout their lives. My older daughter performs regularly in musical theatre productions at her school and will continue studying music in college. My younger daughter sings and plays guitar and piano. Also, studies have shown that children who receive early musical instruction tend to do better in mathematics and I believe this has been true for both my girls.
We all enjoyed the program very much and I have seen lifelong benefits in my daughters.”

--Anna and Laura's Mom

“Peyton loves music class. He smiles, giggles and out right belly laughs. At home he wants to continue music class. He frequently wants us to sing the hello song and to do "baa baas."”

--Peyton's Mommy

“We absolutely love Musical Milestones and Miss Sharon! Our daughter looks forward to class and loves singing in the car to our home CD. We feel it has played a big part in her speech and vocabulary development. Thank you!”

--Elise's Mommy

“I took both of my grandsons to classes at Musical Milestones. They loved the classes and looked forward to going. I enjoyed the classes because the focus is on developing a love of music, rhythm, and self expression in a natural and fun way . Activities move quickly and the children have a variety of experiences with instruments, movement, and singing. Independence is stressed - the children pick up and put away the music "props" by themselves. This was a favorite part of the class for both of my grandchildren. The class is personalized by using each child's name during the singing. Books are also a part of the class. There is no performance expectation and Miss Sharon responds in a positive way to children who take part and to children who are reticent or are not ready to take part. This was my favorite thing about the class. I will take my new grandson as soon as he is walking!”

--Drew and Drakes Grandmother

“My daughter is reserved in new situations and tends to be an observer rather than a participant. Just when I wondered if the class was something she enjoyed or even paid attention to, she spontaneously started singing a song (repeatedly!) from our music class both at home and in the car. I knew she was absorbing the material. I think the classes have exposed her to music in a positive way and helped her get accustomed to being with other children before she starts preschool. I would highly recommend Musical Milestones.”

--Sarah's Mommy

“William and I love your music class. He looks forward to it every week. Since beginning music, he sings, dances, and wants to listen to the cds in the car when we're traveling around. Thank you for letting him bounce on your lap each week. See you again next semester.”

--William's Mommy

“Musical Milestones has been a lovely opportunity for both of my children, ages 2 and 4. I decided to try a different program (similar material) in addition to our weekly class with Ms. Sharon when my first child was two and it just didn't live up to our time with Musical Milestones. Having two children in classes together has brought an even better dynamic than I imagined. Mattie and Briggs learn, play and sing together in the car, and at home their favorites from our class CD's. "Trot ole Joe" will forever be a favorite:)”

--Mattie and Briggs' Mommy

“We all loved your classes, from caregivers, to mom, to grandmother to, of course, and especially, the children. My twins started at age 1 year and continued participation until age 3 1/2. Your classes provided a positive learning environment, fun introduction to music and great early socialization, which appear to be invaluable contributors to success in school and a life long love of music!”

--The Twins' Mommy

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